How to Change the IP Address of a website on a cPanel Server

How to Change the IP Address of a website on a cPanel Server

Shared IP addresses are used by multiple websites on the server (shared by all websites) so some customers prefer to use dedicated IP address instead of shared IP address to host their website. Dedicated IP address means your website will be having your own IP address (IP is not shared with other websites). Usually dedicated IP address will cost around $1 or $2 per month. Contact your webhosting company/datacenter to know the exact price of dedicated IP address. When your website is on shared IP address there is high chance of getting blacklisted in spam databases. If some user on the server start sending spam emails from shared IP address then your email will be blocked by ISPs so it is better to get a dedicated IP.

You can use dedicated IP address to install SSL certificate for the domain. Recent servers support SNI technology which allows to run multiple domain SSL certificate on a single IP address. It is always better to install SSL certificate on Dedicated IP address instead of Shared IP address.

You can move the website from shared IP address to dedicated IP address if you have root access to the server. Do the below steps to move the site from shared IP address to another IP address on your server.

1. Login to WHM (WebHost Manager) using the root password

2. Search for “Change Site’s IP Address” in WHM search bar
Change IP address website
WHM Home » Account Functions » Change Site’s IP Address

3. Click on “Change Site’s IP Address” under “Account Functions”

4. Select the domain or username from the list and click on “Change”
Move website dedicated IP address
Changing a site’s IP address may cause it to appear down from some locations until the DNS has propagated to all nameservers on the Internet. It is better to change the IP address of the website during off peak hours because it will take time to propagate the IP address change globally.

5. Set the new IP address for the website from the drop down. You can see the main shared IP and list of dedicated IP address on your server.

In the next page you can see the current IP address of the website.

Select new IP address and click on change.
Move domain dedicated IP
Change site IP from WHM
After few hours do a dig or ping to make sure the domain is resolving to the new IP address.

Command : dig +trace

A record of the domain will be new IP address.

How to change IP address of Multiple websites on a cPanel WHM Server

My server IP address was null rooted by the datacenter and I have moved all the websites to a new IP address easily by doing the below steps. Moving the site to new IP address one by one is a time consuming process. You can use “Change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses” feature in WHM to move all websites to new IP address in a single click.


1. Login to WHM using server root password

URL to access WHM


2. Search for “Change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses” in the WHM search bar like shown in the below picture
Move all websites to new IP address
3. Click on “Change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses” under “Multi Account Functions”

WHM Home » Multi Account Functions » Change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses

4. Tick all the domains for which you wish to change the IP address
Change IP address multiple websites
5. Click on “Change IPs of Selected Accounts”
Change website IP address WHM

6. Select new IP address

In the next page you can see the current IP address of the website. Select the new IP address from the drop down like shown in the picture.

7. Click on “Change IPs”

Please note that there will be a propagation delay when the IP address of a website is changed. It might take few hours for changes to propagate globally so always do IP changes during off peak hours (When there is less website traffic).