How to Create an Email Account on a cPanel Server

How to Create Email Account on a cPanel Server

To create email account in cPanel, you must have login credentials to access your cPanel account. Follow the below steps to create a new email address under your primary domain or add-on domain that is hosted on a cPanel server.

1. Open a new web browser (like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)

2. Type the URL (http://YourServerIP:2082) to access cPanel

3. Enter the cPanel username and password to log in to cPanel account

4. Click on ‘Log in’

5. Click on “Email Accounts” unnder ‘EMAIL’

6. Under ‘Add Email Account’, you must enter the desired email account name. Select the domain from the drop-down list.

7. Enter a strong password for the email address in the ‘Password’ field

8. Enter the Email Password once again in the “Password (Again)” field

9. The Email password strength should be 100/100. Use password Generator to generate a strong Email password.

10. In the “Mailbox Quota” Field, enter the required size of the email account. You can choose ‘Unlimited’ radio button for Unlimited Email Quota.

11. You must tick “Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions”.

12. Click on “Create Account” to create the email account.

13. Newly created email account will be listed under “Email Accounts”

14. Check the welcome email for instructions to configure the email account in your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc)