How to Enable/Disable Analog stats on cPanel Server

Steps to Disable and Enable Analog stats on cPanel/WHM Server


Note : the below steps will Enable/Disable Analogs stats for all cPanel accounts (Disable/Enable server-wide)

1. Log in to WHM as root

First you must login to WHM (webhost Manager) using root password. You must have server root access to Disable Analog stats server-wide for all domains.

WHM login link

WHM login link

2. Enter username and password to login WHM

Enter the server root password to access Webhost Manager

In the username field enter “root” and the in the password field enter the root password of your server. Click on login after entering the username and password

WHM login Page

WHM login Page

3. Click on ‘Tweak Setting’ in WHM

Search for tweak setting in WHM search bar. Click on “Tweak Settings” under “Server Configuration”

Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings

4. Click on ‘Stats programs’ to Enable/Disable Analog stats

Click on “Stats Programs” tab in tweak settings and there you can see the option to Enable/Disable Analog stats.

Disable Analog Stats WHM

Disable Analog Stats WHM

By default Analog stats will be enabled on WHM server. Select the “Off” radio button and click on “Save” to Disable Analog stats server-wide. Select “On” to enable Analog stats for all cPanel accounts.

Steps to Disable/Enable Analog stats server-wide from server backend

1. Login to server as root

2. Edit the file /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

You can edit the file /var/cpanel/cpanel.config using vi editor.

skipanalog=0 means Analog stats is enabled. skipanalog=1 Means Analog stats is Disabled.

[root@server ~]# grep -i analog /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

[root@server ~]# grep -i analog /var/cpanel/cpanel.config