How to Enable/Disable Enable BoxTrapper spam trap on a cPanel Server

How to Enable/Disable Enable BoxTrapper spam trap on a cPanel Server

Boxtrapper is a tool that block incoming spam emails sent to your email account. When boxtrapper is enabled for a cPanel account, it will check whether the email sender is in boxtrapper verified sender list. Only boxtrapper verified senders can send emails, all other email sender should complete a verification process. Boxtrapper will add the email address to whitelist when the verification process is completed.

Enable / Disable Boxtrapper server-wide for all cPanel account

1. Login to WHM (WebHost Manager) using server root password

URL to access WHM : http://YourServerIP:2086
username : root
password : Enter server root password

2. Search for “Tweak Settings” in WHM search bar

3. Click on “Tweak Settings” under “Server Configuration”

Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings

4. Click on “Mail” tab in “Tweak Settings”

5. Enable BoxTrapper spam trap

Select the “On” radio button to enable Boxtrapper
Select the “Off” radio button to disable boxtrapper spam protection
Enable Disable Boxtrapper
By default (Default setting) boxtrapper will be enabled on cPanel server.

6. Click on “Save” to save tweak settings
Disable boxtrapper spam protection
I have disabled boxtrapper on the above server and the icon won’t be there when you login to cPanel.

You can do the below steps from server backend to enable / disable boxtrapper

1. login to server via SSH as ‘root’ user

2. Edit tweak settings file “/var/cpanel/cpanel.config”

3. Change the line “skipboxtrapper” to 0 to Enable boxtrapper

skipboxtrapper=1 will disable boxtrapper for all cPanel accounts on the server

4. Save the tweak settings file and exit

5. Run the below command to update tweak settings changes

/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2 –updatetweaksettings


Enable / Disable Boxtrapper for a single cPanel account

1. Login to cPanel account

URL to access cPanel :

2. Search for “Boxtrapper” in cPanel search bar

3. Click on BoxTrapper under “Email”

cPanel >> Email >> BoxTrapper
Boxtrapper spam trap
4. Check the current status of BoxTrapper
Manage boxtrapper
5. Click on “Manage” to Enable / Disable Boxtrapper
Enable boxtrapper cPanel
Boxtrapper enabled