host: command not found. Install host command on Fedora

How to Install host command on Fedora server

bash: host: command not found

Got the above error on Fedora server. Do the below steps to install host command on Fedora server. host command is provided by bind-utils package.

1. Log into Fedora server as root user

2. Install the package bind-utils using dnf command

#dnf install bind-utils


#sudo dnf install bind-utils

The below dependencies will be installed.

# dnf install bind-utils
Dependencies resolved.
Package Architecture Version Repository Size
bind-utils x86_64 32:9.11.14-2.fc31 updates 234 k
Installing dependencies:
bind-libs x86_64 32:9.11.14-2.fc31 updates 93 k
bind-libs-lite x86_64 32:9.11.14-2.fc31 updates 1.1 M
bind-license noarch 32:9.11.14-2.fc31 updates 20 k
fstrm x86_64 0.5.0-1.fc31 updates 27 k
libmaxminddb x86_64 1.2.0-8.fc31 fedora 23 k
lmdb-libs x86_64 0.9.24-1.fc31 updates 59 k
protobuf-c x86_64 1.3.1-3.fc31 fedora 35 k

Transaction Summary
Install 8 Packages

Total download size: 1.6 M
Installed size: 4.3 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y


Download and install bind-utils rpm

1. Log into fedora server as root user

2. Download bind-utils package from using wget command

# wget

3. Install the below dependencies before installing bind-utills


4. Install bind-utils using rpm command

#rpm -ivh bind-utils-9.11.11-1.fc31.x86_64.rpm

Host command usage

# host -t A has address