How to Access / Login cPanel

How to Login / Access cPanel

You can log in to cPanel using the username and password provided by your webhosting provider. Check the welcome email sent by your web hosting provider to get the login details. Site owners, developers and server administrators use cPanel to create email account, FTP accounts, MySQL databases etc. You can access cPanel using either http or https. It is better to access cPanel using https (SSL) because it is secure.

cPanel non SSL port : 2082

cPanel SSL Port : 2083

You can access cPanel using Server IP address, Server Hostname or domain name. To access cPanel using hostname and domain name, you must first point the domain/hostname to the server IP address.

Follow the below steps to login to your cPanel account.

Access cPanel in your browser

1. Open a new web browser (like Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome)

2. Type any one of the below URLs in the web browser to access cPanel







3. Login to cPanel using cPanel username and password

4. Click on ‘Log in’ after entering the cPanel credentials.

How to access / Login to cPanel account through WHM (Webhost Manager)

Server owners and reseller accounts can access cPanel accounts through WHM. Do the below steps to access cPanel through WHM

1. Open a new web browser (like google chrome)

2. Type the URL https://YourServerIP:2086 to access WHM

3. Enter the root/ reseller login details and login to WHM

4. Search “List Accounts” in WHM search bar

5. Click on “List Accounts” under ‘Account Information’ to see all cPanel accounts

6. In ‘List Accounts’ page you must click on ‘cPanel icon’ to access cPanel

7. cPanel account of that domain will open in a new tab