How to Access/Login WHM, cPanel and Webmail

How to Access / log in WHM (Webhost Manager) Server

WHM is a software that is used to administer the server graphically. Most of the linux servers are in runlevel 3 so you must know basic linux commands and configuration files to administer a server. There is no need of linux knowledge if you have WHM installed on your server. You can create FTP, emails, databases etc easily from within WHM.

You must have server root password or reseller login details to access webhost manager. Only resellers and server owners can access WHM. Shared hosting customers cannot access WHM, only VPS and dedicated server customers can access WHM. Shared hosting customers have only access to cPanel and webmail.

You can access WHM using secure port (2087 Port) or insecure port (2086 port). 2087 is the secure port so you must access WHM using https in front.

2087 port = SSL port
2086 port = no SSL Port

You must whitelist 2087 and 2086 port in server firewall to access WHM. You might see timeout error if the WHM ports are not allowed in server firewall.

Resellers can access WHM but they won’t be having full server access (root access). Resellers have restricted access to the server.

Do the below steps to login to WHM Control Panel

1. Open a new web browser (like mozilla firefox, internet explorer)

2. Type any of the below url to access WHM using 2086 port (no SSL port – http)




3. Type the below url to access WHM using 2087 port (SSL port – https)

WHM ssl login 2
WHM SSL login url
Alternate way to login WHM is given below
Alternate link to login webhost manager is given below




IMPORTANT : YourServerIP in the above url’s must be replaced with actual server IP address, should be replaced with hostname of your server and should be replaced with your domain name.
To access WHM, and should resolve to your server IP.

3. You must enter username and password to access WHM

Enter ‘root’ in the username text field.

Username : root
Password : Enter root password of server to access WHM
WHM login page
4. Click on “Log in” after entering the username and Password.


How to login to cPanel account

cPanel of an account can be accessed directly from WHM without entering the cPanel login details. Root user have access to cPanel and webmail of all users in the server.

Click on “List Accounts” under “Account Information”. Click on “cPanel” icon to access cPanel of the account.

Home » Account Information » List Accounts
Access cPanel from WHM
Do the below steps to login to cPanel directly by entering the login details.

cPanel logins details will be provided by your webhosting company. Check the welcome email sent by your webhosting provider.

1. Open a new web browser and type the below URL to access cPanel






2082 is non SSL port, 2083 is the cPanel SSL port. SSL URL is given below :






2. Enter cPanel username and password to login
How to login cPanel
3. Click on “Log In” after enter username and password


How to access webmail (roundcube, Horde and SquirrelMail) on a cPanel server

You can access webmail through cPanel without entering the login details OR you can use direct login URL (enter the email address and password to login)

1. Login to cPanel

2. Click on “Email Accounts” under “Email”

3. Under “Email accounts” you can see list of all email accounts

4. Under “Actions” click on “More” and select “Access Webmail”
Login Webmail from cPanel
5. In the next page Choose the webmail application (either Horde, roundcube or Squirrelmail)
Access webmail
The Above steps are for accessing webmail from within cPanel and do not require any login details.

Do the below steps to access webmail directly

1. Type the below URL in the browser to access webmail


2095 is the non SSL port, use 2096 to access webmail using SSL port.


2. Enter the username and password to access webmail

username : Enter email address
Password : Enter password of the email address
Login webmail cPanel
3. In the next page, choose whether you want to use roundcube, horde or squirrelmail.