How to change cPanel password

How to change cPanel password

Do the below steps to change the password of your cPanel account to a stronger one.

Best practices :

1. You must set a strong password for your cPanel account. Weak passwords can be cracked by brute force attacks.

2. You can use a password generator to create a strong password for your cPanel account.

3. Do not save cPanel password in browser or in text files. Always try to memorize the cPanel password.

4. You must not use a dictionary name as cPanel password. Use combination of upper case letter, lower case letter, number and characters as you password.

The current session might get disconnected if you change the cPanel account password.

1. Open a new web browser and type the below URL to access cPanel




2. Search for ‘Password & Security’ in the cPanel search bar

3. Click on ‘Password & Security’ under ‘PREFERENCES’

4. In the ‘change password’ page, you must enter the old cPanel password in the ‘Old Password’ field

5. Enter the New cPanel password OR you can use ‘Password Generator’ to generate a strong password

6. Click on ‘Change your password now!’ to change the password.