How to Install 3Depict on Fedora Server

How to Install 3Depict on Fedora Server

3Depict is used for Visualisation and Analysis.

1. Log into your Fedora server as ‘root’ user

2. Install 3Depict package using dnf command

# dnf install 3Depict


# sudo dnf install 3Depict

It will install the below dependencies.

# dnf install 3Depict
Dependencies resolved.
Package Architecture Version Repository Size
3Depict x86_64 0.0.22-3.fc31 fedora 5.7 M
Installing dependencies:
SDL2 x86_64 2.0.12-1.fc31 updates 499 k
adobe-source-code-pro-fonts noarch fedora 845 k
adwaita-cursor-theme noarch 3.34.3-2.fc31 updates 625 k
adwaita-icon-theme noarch 3.34.3-2.fc31 updates 11 M
at-spi2-atk x86_64 2.34.2-1.fc31 updates 89 k
at-spi2-core x86_64 2.34.0-1.fc31 fedora 175 k
atk x86_64 2.34.1-1.fc31 fedora 269 k
avahi-libs x86_64 0.7-20.fc31 fedora 63 k
cairo x86_64 1.16.0-7.fc31 updates 705 k
cairo-gobject x86_64 1.16.0-7.fc31 updates 19 k
colord-libs x86_64 1.4.4-2.fc31 fedora 236 k
cups-libs x86_64 1:2.2.12-8.fc31 updates 273 k
dbus-libs x86_64 1:1.12.16-3.fc31 fedora 161 k
fontconfig x86_64 2.13.92-3.fc31 fedora 263 k
fonts-filesystem noarch 2.0.3-1.fc31 updates 7.7 k
freetype x86_64 2.10.0-3.fc31 fedora 384 k
fribidi x86_64 1.0.5-5.fc31 updates 83 k
ftgl x86_64 2.1.3-0.21.rc5.fc31 fedora 120 k
gdk-pixbuf2 x86_64 2.40.0-1.fc31 fedora 465 k
gdk-pixbuf2-modules x86_64 2.40.0-1.fc31 fedora 99 k
giflib x86_64 5.2.1-3.fc31 fedora 48 k
glib-networking x86_64 2.62.3-1.fc31 updates 155 k
graphite2 x86_64 1.3.14-1.fc31 updates 104 k
gsettings-desktop-schemas x86_64 3.34.0-1.fc31 fedora 644 k
gsl x86_64 2.5-2.fc31 fedora 1.0 M
gtk-update-icon-cache x86_64 3.24.13-2.fc31 updates 33 k
gtk3 x86_64 3.24.13-2.fc31 updates 4.6 M
harfbuzz x86_64 2.6.1-2.fc31 fedora 628 k
hdf5 x86_64 1.10.5-5.fc31 updates 2.2 M
hicolor-icon-theme noarch 0.17-7.fc31 fedora 45 k
hwdata noarch 0.334-1.fc31 updates 1.4 M
info x86_64 6.6-2.fc31 fedora 227 k
jasper-libs x86_64 2.0.14-9.fc31 fedora 165 k
jbigkit-libs x86_64 2.1-17.fc31 fedora 53 k
json-glib x86_64 1.4.4-3.fc31 fedora 145 k
lcms2 x86_64 2.9-6.fc31 fedora 166 k
libICE x86_64 1.0.10-2.fc31 fedora 72 k
libSM x86_64 1.2.3-4.fc31 fedora 42 k
libX11 x86_64 1.6.9-2.fc31 updates 659 k
libX11-common noarch 1.6.9-2.fc31 updates 153 k
libX11-xcb x86_64 1.6.9-2.fc31 updates 11 k
libXau x86_64 1.0.9-2.fc31 fedora 31 k
libXcomposite x86_64 0.4.4-17.fc31 fedora 23 k
libXcursor x86_64 1.1.15-6.fc31 fedora 30 k
libXdamage x86_64 1.1.4-17.fc31 fedora 21 k
libXext x86_64 1.3.4-2.fc31 fedora 39 k
libXfixes x86_64 5.0.3-10.fc31 fedora 19 k
libXft x86_64 2.3.3-2.fc31 fedora 64 k
libXi x86_64 1.7.10-2.fc31 fedora 39 k
libXinerama x86_64 1.1.4-4.fc31 fedora 14 k
libXrandr x86_64 1.5.2-2.fc31 fedora 27 k
libXrender x86_64 0.9.10-10.fc31 fedora 27 k
libXtst x86_64 1.2.3-10.fc31 fedora 21 k
libXxf86vm x86_64 1.1.4-12.fc31 fedora 18 k
libaec x86_64 1.0.4-2.fc31 fedora 39 k
libdatrie x86_64 0.2.9-10.fc31 fedora 32 k
libdrm x86_64 2.4.100-1.fc31 updates 159 k
libepoxy x86_64 1.5.3-4.fc31 fedora 248 k
libgfortran x86_64 9.3.1-2.fc31 updates 736 k
libglvnd x86_64 1:1.1.1-5.fc31 fedora 109 k
libglvnd-glx x86_64 1:1.1.1-5.fc31 fedora 147 k
libgusb x86_64 0.3.4-1.fc31 updates 49 k
libharu x86_64 2.3.0-7.fc31 fedora 559 k
libjpeg-turbo x86_64 2.0.2-5.fc31 updates 168 k
libmodman x86_64 2.0.1-20.fc31 fedora 34 k
libmspack x86_64 0.10.1-0.2.alpha.fc31 fedora 71 k
libpciaccess x86_64 0.15-2.fc31 fedora 27 k
libpng x86_64 2:1.6.37-2.fc31 fedora 114 k
libproxy x86_64 0.4.15-14.fc31 fedora 69 k
libqhull x86_64 1:7.2.1-2.fc31 fedora 169 k
libquadmath x86_64 9.3.1-2.fc31 updates 209 k
libsoup x86_64 2.68.4-1.fc31 updates 383 k
libthai x86_64 0.1.28-3.fc31 fedora 213 k
libtiff x86_64 4.0.10-8.fc31 updates 178 k
libtool-ltdl x86_64 2.4.6-31.fc31 fedora 37 k
libwayland-client x86_64 1.17.0-2.fc31 fedora 35 k
libwayland-cursor x86_64 1.17.0-2.fc31 fedora 20 k
libwayland-egl x86_64 1.17.0-2.fc31 fedora 13 k
libxcb x86_64 1.13.1-3.fc31 fedora 231 k
libxkbcommon x86_64 0.9.1-3.fc31 updates 120 k
libxshmfence x86_64 1.3-5.fc31 fedora 12 k
mathgl x86_64 updates 1.3 M
mathgl-common noarch updates 210 k
mathgl-fonts x86_64 updates 9.3 M
mesa-libGL x86_64 19.2.8-1.fc31 updates 180 k
mesa-libGLU x86_64 9.0.1-1.fc31 fedora 187 k
mesa-libglapi x86_64 19.2.8-1.fc31 updates 57 k
pango x86_64 1.44.7-1.fc31 updates 293 k
pixman x86_64 0.38.4-1.fc31 fedora 260 k
rest x86_64 0.8.1-6.fc31 fedora 70 k
shared-mime-info x86_64 1.15-1.fc31 updates 303 k
wxBase3 x86_64 3.0.4-10.fc31 fedora 1.2 M
wxGTK3 x86_64 3.0.4-10.fc31 fedora 5.0 M
wxGTK3-gl x86_64 3.0.4-10.fc31 fedora 40 k
wxGTK3-i18n noarch 3.0.4-10.fc31 fedora 528 k
xkeyboard-config noarch 2.28-1.fc31 updates 753 k
Installing weak dependencies:
abattis-cantarell-fonts noarch 0.111-3.fc31 fedora 257 k
dconf x86_64 0.34.0-1.fc31 fedora 109 k

Transaction Summary
Install 99 Packages

Total download size: 58 M
Installed size: 197 M
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How to remove 3Depict

1. Log into your Fedora server

2. Run the command ‘dnf remove 3Depict’ to uninstall