How to Install ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) on cPanel/WHM Server

Steps to Install ClamAV on cPanel/WHM Server

Do the below steps to Install ClamAV AntiVirus on your Server.

1. Log in to your WHM as root to Install ClamAV

Open a new web browser and type https://ServerIP:2087 to access WHM. Enter username and root password to access WHM.

WHM login

WHM login

2. Click on “Manage Plugins” under “cPanel”.

Search for ‘Manage Plugins’ in WHM search box and click on ‘Manage plugins’ Under ‘cPanel’. Check the below screenshot

WHM - Manage Plugins

WHM – Manage Plugins

ClamAV path : Home » cPanel » Manage Plugins

3. Tick ‘Install and keep updated’ for Clamavconnector.

Install ClamAVconnector

Install ClamAVconnector

4. Click on ‘Save’ and ClamAV installation will start.

Clamav Installation

Clamav Installation

5. Wait for few minutes.

ClamAV Installation might take some time and it depends on your server configuration.

Scroll down the page and it will show the status of the installation. It will show “Process Complete” when the installation is completed.

ClamAV installation completed

ClamAV installation complete