How to install NetworkManager package on CentOS 8

How to install NetworkManager package on CentOS 8 Server


Do the below steps to install NetworkManager package on your CentOS 8 server.

1. Log into your centos 8 server via SSH as root user

2. Run the command ‘rpm -qa | grep NetworkManager’ to check whether NetworkManager is installed

3. Install NetworkManager package using yum : ‘yum install NetworkManager’

4. Run the below command to verify

# nmcli -h
Usage: nmcli [OPTIONS] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }

You can install ‘NetworkManager’ package either using yum or by downloading the rpm package from the CentOS website.

On CentOS 8 server, go to /usr/local/src directory:

cd /usr/local/src

Download NetworkManager package using wget command :


Install the package using rpm command :

rpm -Uvh NetworkManager-1.30.0-7.el8.x86_64.rpm



# yum install NetworkManager

Dependencies resolved.
Package Architecture Version Repository Size
NetworkManager x86_64 1:1.30.0-7.el8 BaseOS 2.6 M
Installing dependencies:
NetworkManager-libnm x86_64 1:1.30.0-7.el8 BaseOS 1.8 M
libndp x86_64 1.7-5.el8 BaseOS 40 k

Transaction Summary
Install 3 Packages

Total download size: 4.4 M
Installed size: 16 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y