How to Schedule cPanel Update (upcp) During off Peak hours

How to Schedule cPanel/WHM Update (upcp) During off Peak hours – How to change cpanel update (upcp) cron time

On production servers it is better to schedule cPanel update (upcp) cron during off peak hours. cPanel update might consume high server resources if it is run when there is high traffic on websites hosted on the server, so it is always better to schedule upcp cron during off peak hours.

How to change cPanel Update (upcp) cron via Server Backend

Log into Linux Server via SSH as root and type the command “crontab -l” to list all cronjobs.

Command to list all cronjobs : crontab -l

root@server [~]# crontab -l
58 12 * * * /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp –cron >/dev/null 2>&1


Check the current server time and adjust the cPanel update cron time. “Date” command will show the current server time. Set the Upcp cron when there is less traffic on the server

Command to edit the cronjob : crontab -e

root@server [~]# crontab -e
00 2 * * * /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp –cron >/dev/null 2>&1


The cPanel cronjob was set to run at 12:58 PM earlier and I have changed the cron time to 2:00AM. Save the file and exit.

You can also edit the cPanel update (upcp) cronjob through WHM

How to change cPanel Update (upcp) cron from WHM

Login to WHM using the server root password. Click on “Configure cPanel Cron Jobs” under “Server Configuration”

Home » Server Configuration » Configure cPanel Cron Jobs
reschedule cPanel cronjob WHM
Under “Command: upcp” you can set when to run the cPanel update. There is option to set the upcp cron to run daily or weekly.

Click on “Save” After entering the time.