How to set Cron & Email Alert after maldet scan

How to set Email Alert after maldet scan

Maldet configuration file is in directory /usr/local/maldetect

Maldet configuration file : /usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet

1. Log into your Linux server via SSH as root

2. Edit the maldet configuration file conf.maldet using vi editor.

root@server [~]# vi /usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet

3. By default email alerts “email_alert” will be disabled in the maldet configuration file. Change email_alert value to 1

email_alert=”0″ —> Change this to email_alert=”1″

4. Save the Maldet configuration file and exit

5. Next change the notification email address in maldet configuration file. Use comma to add more email addresses.



email_addr=”,” –> Maldet alerts will be sent notifications to both email address and

When maldet scanner is installed on the server, it will create a daily cronjob on the server /etc/cron.daily/maldet

Daily cron file : /etc/cron.daily/maldet

The above cronjob will run malware definition check/update and maldet version check/update everyday. The daily maldet scan result will be forwarded to “email_addr” configured in maldet configuration file.

The scan result forwarded to your email address will contain number of files scanned, number of files detected as infected, list of infected files etc.