How to upload files to your website on cPanel Server

How to upload files to your website hosted on cPanel Server

Do the below steps to upload images, files, videos etc to your website that is hosted on a cPanel Linux server. The files should be uploaded to public_html directory so that it can be accessed using a web browser.

1. Open a new web browser (Like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)

2. Type the cPanel login URL (http://YourServerIP:2082) in the browser

3. Enter the cPanel username and password provided by your hosting provider

4. Click on ‘Log in’ to log in to cPanel account

5. Click on ‘File Manager’ under ‘FILES’

6. Click on “Upload” in “File Manager” page

7. Click on “Select File” to select the file you want to upload to server

8. Choose the file you want to upload and click on “Open”

9. Wait till the upload is 100 percent complete

10. You can see the uploaded file in public_html

You can either manually select the file to upload or you can drag and drop the file in ‘File Manager’ to start the upload. You might see errors if you are trying to upload a file that is more than ‘Maximum file size allowed for upload’.