is needed by

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by


I got the error ‘ is needed’ while trying to install an rpm package on CentOS 7 server. Error shows package installation failed because one of the dependencies is missing or not installed. On CentOS 7 server is provided by ‘bzip-libs’ package. The error can be fixed by installing the package ‘bzip2-libs’ on your CentOS server.

1. Log into your CentOS 7 server as ‘root’ user

2. Check whether ‘bzip-libs’ package is already installed by running the below command

# rpm -qa | grep bzip-libs

3. If the above command didn’t return any output then, install the package ‘bzip-libs’ using yum command

# yum install bzip-libs

You can install ‘bzip-libs’ either using yum command or by downloading the bzip-libs rpm file from website.

You can download bzip-libs rpm file from the below URL :

Download the rpm file and install it by using ‘rpm -Uvh package.rpm’ command.