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Got the above error while I was trying to install a package on my CentOS 7 server. Error shows the package need some required dependency but is not installed on your Linux Server. On CentOS 7 servetrs, is provided by the package libglvnd-glx and it might not be installed.
libGL and libGLX are the common dispatch interface for the GLX API.

Do the below steps to install ‘libglvnd-glx’ package on your CentOS 7 server

1. You must log into your CentOS 7 server as ‘root’ user.

2. Run the below command to check whether ‘libglvnd-glx’ is already installed on your server.

# rpm -qa | grep libglvnd-glx

3. You can either install ‘libglvnd-glx’ using yum command or by downloading rpm file from CentOS repositories.

Command :

# yum install libglvnd-glx

Enter ‘y’ if yum ask for confirmation to proceed with the installation.


Alternate way to install libglvnd-glx

You can download the libglvnd-glx rpm from website

Execute the below command to install libglvnd-glx package.

# rpm -ivh libglvnd-glx-xxxx.rpm