pip command not found on CentOS8 Server

pip command not found


I got the error pip command not found on my CentOS 8 server. Follow the below steps to install pip command on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8 server with Python3 installed.

1. Log into your CentOS 8 server as root

2. Check the available version of pip using yum

3. Run the command ‘yum install python3-pip’

4. Verify the installation by checking pip version. pip -V


First Check the version of python installed on your server.

[root@centos8 /]# python3 -V
Python 3.6.8

Check the available version of python-pip using yum command

[root@centos8 /]# yum list available | grep -i pip | awk ‘{print $1}’


You can install python-pip using yum command

Enter ‘y’ and press enter, if yum ask for confirmation while installing

Verify the installation by running the command: pip -V

[root@centos8 /]# yum install python3-pip

Dependencies resolved.
Package Arch Version Repository Size
python3-pip noarch 9.0.3-20.el8 AppStream 20 k
Installing dependencies:
python36 x86_64 3.6.8-38.module_el8.5.0+895+a459eca8 AppStream 19 k
python3-setuptools noarch 39.2.0-6.el8 BaseOS 163 k

Transaction Summary
Install 3 Packages

Total download size: 202 k
Installed size: 466 k
Is this ok [y/N]:

Downloading Packages:
(1/3): python3-pip-9.0.3-20.el8.noarch.rpm 48 kB/s | 20 kB 00:00
(2/3): python36-3.6.8-38.module_el8.5.0+895+a459eca8.x86_64.rpm 47 kB/s | 19 kB 00:00
(3/3): python3-setuptools-39.2.0-6.el8.noarch.rpm 164 kB/s | 163 kB 00:00


pip command not found - How to install pip

pip command not found – How to install pip


[root@centos8 /]# pip -V
pip 21.3.1 from /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pip (python 3.6)

[root@centos8 /]# pip3 -V
pip 21.3.1 from /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pip (python 3.6)

[root@centos /]# pip –version
pip 21.3.1