How to View Server logs on WHM Server using CSF firewall

How to View Server logs on WHM Server using CSF firewall

For checking server logs SSH access is not required, you can view the server logs via WHM. From WHM you can watch various system log files if CSF firewall is installed on your cPanel server. There is an option in CSF firewall to tail last few lines of server log files.

1. Log in to WHM as root

Enter username and server root password to access WHM. Type https://YourServer:2087 in the browser to access WHM.

2. Click on “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” Under “Plugins”

Log in to WHM and search for ‘ConfigServer Security & Firewall’ in WHM search window.

View Server logs

View Server logs

3. Click on ‘Watch system Logs’ under ‘Server information’

Watch system Logs will tail various system log files (listed in csf.syslogs).

CSF watch system logs

CSF watch system logs

4. Select the ‘Server log’ you want to view

Select the server log you want to view in the dropdown and enter the number of lines to view.

You can view SSH, cPanel, LFD, cron, exim, rkhunter, FTP, modsecurity, chkservd and all log files through CSF.

root@server [/etc/csf]# cat csf.syslogs
# All:

# Apache:

# Nginx:

# Webmin:

# Exim:

# Debian/Ubuntu:

# cPanel:

# DirectAdmin: